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Platinum Partners

Quest Diagnostics is People. Dedicated people who understand that behind every specimen and result there is a human life.

Our employees play a critical role in healthcare delivery and enable better healthcare choices by providing unsurpassed diagnostic insights to our customers. Quest Diagnostics employees are dedicated to serving our customers, and Our Vision, Mission and Values guide everything that we do.

We offer convenient access to high quality testing and services throughout the United States. We have laboratories in or near all major cities, and esoteric testing laboratories on both coasts, providing a broad range of services to our customers. Convenient specimen collection options include in-office phlebotomy and courier services and more than 2,000 conveniently located patient service centers across the country.

We also have a growing international presence, including laboratory operations in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and India. Our businesses also offer services and administrative offices in many other countries.
Psychemedics pioneered the use of hair drug testing, and remains by far the largest and leading supplier of drugs of abuse hair testing worldwide. Psychemedics is the only company to develop and patent a process that releases virtually 100% of the drugs from the inside of the hair, providing the greatest ability to detect drug use.

Offering over 25 years of global experience, Psychemedics has provided its expertise and superior drug testing technology to thousands of organizations to aid in transitioning their drug screening programs to achieve the goal of a drug-free environment. Our drug testing services are trusted by over 10% of the Fortune 500 companies, numerous international organizations, many of the largest police departments, rehabilitation programs, schools and parents throughout the world.

Psychemedics established its scientific and market leadership position through dedicated research and development efforts. Psychemedics has set the industry standards for sensitivity, robustness, quality and consistency. As a further example, the Company also developed and offers a hair test for alcohol which also looks back on use over a 90 days period, as our hair drug tests do. A partnership with Psychemedics ensures that our clients drug testing programs stays current as drug challenges change and evolve.

Diamond Partners

As a global leader in medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, and healthcare information technology, we have a keen understanding of the entire patient care continuum from prevention and early detection to diagnosis and treatment.

Gold Partners

Randox employs almost 1,000 people including 200 scientists, with 25 International Offices and distribution agreements in 130 countries worldwide. Randox is the leading global developer and manufacturer of multi-analyte Biochip Array Technology, now optimized for Drugs of Abuse Testing allowing the simultaneous screening of illegal, therapeutic, designer and synthetic drugs in one sample. This multi-analyte capability allows us to provide a custom Biochip to suit customer's individual requirements. High value is placed in research and development to continuously improve existing and develop innovative new products.

Randox Testing Services offer a complete drug & alcohol testing service tailored to your organizations' Workplace Drug and Alcohol policy. We have a dedicated laboratory with state-of-the-art medical and forensic testing equipment, where we perform a wide variety of tests ranging from alcohol and commonly abused drugs to more unusual substances. We have a wide and innovative portfolio of products and services, assuring you of a complete and comprehensive solution. Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and to UKAS standard, Randox Testing Service is fully compliant with the guidelines set out by the European Workplace Drug Testing Society. Our overseas offices operate as sample collection locations with trained collectors on site, giving us a worldwide collection capability.
Since our start in 1987, DISA has become a leading provider of workplace safety solutions. We specialize in drug and alcohol programs for U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), corporate, and contractor consortium policies. The company currently serves over 7,000 client-companies across the U.S. and abroad.

DISA offers a comprehensive line of employee screening services that are designed with workplace safety in mind. These services include drug and alcohol testing, background screening, occupational health screening, and online safety training. All are designed through experience and innovation and delivered with today's most advanced technologies.
Compliance Information Systems is the nation's leading provider of software and information services for managing workplace drug and alcohol programs. Our customers include hundreds of the nation's largest companies with drug and alcohol testing and training programs, including:

Amtrak, Bay Area Rapid Transit, Boeing, California Department of Corrections, Chevron, Chicago Transit Authority, CSX Railroad, Duke Power, EMSI, GTE, LabCorp, NASA, Pacific Gas & Electric, Pfizer, Shell Oil, Southern California Edison, State of California, United States Department of Labor, United States Department of Transportation, United States National Guard and the United States Navy.

Compliance Information Systems is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.
We are connected health. We give people the tools to confidently manage their own health, no matter where they are, and reinforce the connection to their doctor. If they are sick, they are improving; if they are healthy, they stay well. We are healthcare reform in practice.

With professional and consumer offerings in over 100 disease categories, Alere delivers the widest range of services and solutions across the widest range of environments all around the world.

Our company mission of empowering individuals to take charge of their own health under medical supervision commits us to the highest moral and ethical standards, and these standards, which are the framework for our company's Code of Ethics, inform every decision we make in the course of business practice.

Clinical Reference Laboratory is the largest privately held SAMHSA certified laboratory in the country. We have a passion for better outcomes powered by greater insights and are committed to progressing in ways that help our customers achieve success. Discover how our commitment to quality, innovation, data analytics and service excellence create an advantage for our customers.

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